Thursday, May 24, 2012


Every time I tell myself I am going to blog more frequently, it inevitably fails.  It's usually for a good reason.  The past few months have been CRAZY!  I have been working on a special business project and it's been eating - no pun intended - at my (already limited) free time. 

Instead of blogging about something I made, this is going to be more of a rant.  Why is everyone settling for mediocre food?  We live in a time when you can get your hands on pretty much anything - European dairy, organic fruits and vegetables, caviar, amazing chocolates, etc.  With the internet, you can get your hands on anything you desire.  Yet, most people just don't care. 

As I work hard to perfect my craft, I wonder - are people going to even want to eat this stuff?  I can spend weeks perfecting a recipe and sourcing the best ingredients to make the best cake possible.  Once I get it right and bring it somewhere, it sits next to a stale King Kullen cake and no one even wants to try it.  For some reason the box mix cake with it's artificially flavored "buttercream" icing is a hit.

Now don't get me wrong, every now and then even I enjoy a slice - like when I'm craving cake and it's the only option - but why is this the acceptable norm?  There is a bakery on every corner in NYC, and, a lot of the stuff out there is good, if not amazing! 

I'll stop here for now, but, if you made it to this point, all I ask is that you open your mind to new, higher quality foods.  Next time you're at a nice restaurant, try something different - not the molten cake or the creme brulee!  Ask the server what's their favorite.  90% of the time it's the best thing on the menu.  This rule goes for savory food, too!  Also, when you go to the bakery supermarket or are purchasing something with a label, check to make sure you are familiar with ALL the ingredients.  EVERY baked good can be made without a stabilizer, preservative or artificial flavoring.  If you see one of those things listed, move along - it's an unnecessary addition and is probably tastes bad.  If you ever have a question, ask me! 

Thanks for reading.