Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When To Move On...

So, my last few posts have been more about answering questions and discussing topics about the culinary industry as a whole.

My friends are often seeking advice on what their next step should be.  The culinary industry is a tough one - long hours, competitive nature, physically demanding - the list goes on!!  But, there comes a point when you've overcome the challenges and it's time to move on.  However, sometimes we become too comfortable and make excuses as to why we can't leave.  "No one knows the department like I do."  "Who's going to train and do inventory."  "I created these dishes, I can't just leave them."  YES YOU CAN!

For me, aside from my love of cooking and baking, the best part about this industry is being able to constantly push yourself, your creativity and your growth.  Yes, it can be hard to pick up and leave a job where you're comfortable and surrounded by friends, but if it's holding you back professionally, it's time to go.

When in doubt, ask yourself:

1.  Am I learning something new every day?
2.  Am I passionate about what I'm doing every day?
3.  Am I given the opportunity to make a difference?
4.  Does this job promote creativity?
5.  Is there room for professional growth?

If you do not answer yes to almost all of these questions, you need to think about moving on.  You owe it to yourself!