Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Talk about boring...

I am warning you right off the bat - this post is BORING!!! I have been so busy with work, going to professional seminars, getting Layers NYC going, and another soon-to-be-announced project, that I haven't had time to even make scrambled eggs! Don't get me wrong, busy is good, and the over-whelming positive feedback regarding Layers NYC has been awesome! Emma and I have been receiving so many interesting cake requests that I can barely wait to show you the finished products! I recently have been giving a lot of thought about creating a timeline fo opening a storefront business. I know exactly what I'd like to do but I'm not quite sure where to start (and where to find a few hundred thousand bucks!) We'll see... Before I really start rambling, I am going to cut this blog short. I promise to have some fun posts in the next week or so. I do have an obnoxious dessert planned for Easter Sunday so hold tight!

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