Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Get What You Get

This weekend was another crazy one for us at Layers NYC!  Our first cake was for a graduation and featured the ever-so-popular Hello Kitty.  Check out the Layers NYC page or Emma's blog to learn more about it!

Our second cake was for a close friend of the family, Michelle.  She planned a surprise party for her fiance, Billy, and wanted a cake in the shape of his favorite bottle of booze - The Macallan.

We were pretty excited about making the bottle., but we knew the cake needed another element to add some texture.  I decided to make a "box" to house the cake.  After whipping up a batch of pastiage (similar to fondant but it dries out completely), I created "wood" pannels.  When dried, the box was assembled and Emma did an awesome job coloring the piece

The cake - vanilla on vanilla - was covered in fondant and given a shiny coat and a label in the likeness of the one on the actual Macallan's bottle.  Special thanks to Christine for creating the art used to make it!

After the cake was made, we slipped it into the box. 


The finished cake.
Detail of the box.

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