Monday, February 21, 2011

Groom's Cake

This past week was crazier than usual. I just had a million things going on. My only day off was Saturday which really wasn't a day off because I had a cake due! I made the cake Friday night and prepared the buttercream while Emma was on her way to my house on Saturday. We usually work at Emma's house because she has a beautiful kitchen with an amazing layout. However, since I would have had a ridiculous amount of items to lug to her house, we did it by me.

Anyway, the order was for a groom's cake in the shape of a NY Yankees baseball cap. As I stacked the cake and prepared it with fondant, Emma was busy making the brim and logo. Being that this was our third cake together, we really got into a groove and it was done relatively quickly.

Then came the decision - to airbrush or not to airbrush. We've wanted to airbrush our cakes in the past, however, there's always been some sort of an issue. Emma made the final call - DO IT!! It made the cake look even better! From now on, any cakes made by us will most likely have this finishing touch!

We had to deliver the cake to Verona, NJ which was about a 45 minute drive. I HATE the deliveries. They give me agita! Thankfully, this little guy was sturdy and small so there wasn't to much to worry about. When we handed the cake over to the reception venue they didn't even realize it was a cake so I guess we did a good job! ;)

In other news, Emma and I have been working on a website. Hopefully it will be up and running soon and then you can tell all your friends about us!!!


  1. That looks awesome! Do you have an airbrushing machine? What kind is it?

  2. Thanks! Believe it or not, the machine doesn't have a brand on it and I threw out the box. I got it from amazon. It was relatively cheap. The colors that you use are more important than the machine. I find AmeriColor to be the best.